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Combine your Trading View and Other Trading Platform Alerts to create custom strategies.  Track alerts from any indicator and combine them in our app to create the strategy of your dreams.

A NO-CODE solution to combining trading alerts and creating trading strategies from those alerts.  Currently platforms such as Trading View don’t allow you to mix and match indicator alerts without extensive coding.  Trader Alerts cuts the learning curve by  combining and executing your alerts in realtime.

Alerts in Realtime

Using Firebase Realtime Databases, we are able to deliver alerts as fast as you can say “Alerts”.

Trigger at the Perfect Moment

Use our trade trigger to trigger your alert whenever all your conditions are met!

Send Your Alerts

Send your alerts to e-mail, telegram, and even execute your trades automatically with 3commas.

STEP 1: Create your Strategy

The first step in the alert process is to come up with a strategy.  Are you looking to make a trade when the price is above a moving average and a trend indicator is bullish?  Combine both of those to create a custom strategy which will alert you when both are true.

STEP 2: Create your Conditions

What are the conditions for your strategy?  Are you looking to make a trade when there is confluence between volatility, rsi and trend?  Create up to an unlimited amount of conditions for all of these scenarios and the app will alert you when all of these conditions are true or false.

Send alerts

STEP 3: Send Your Alerts From Trading View or Another Platform

Once you’ve created your conditions and strategies, you will need to send matching alerts to the app so that our algorithms will understand when your conditions are true and when they are not.

Seamless trading


Instant Alerts

With Firebase Realtime Database servers you can expect to receive notifications on trades in a flash.

99.95% Uptime

Firebase servers have a crazy uptime which means you’ll never miss out on a winning setup.

Secure Access

Through using key tokens, you can make sure that you are the only one updating conditions on our real time server.

Automate Trading

Send alerts to 3commas for automated trading.

Customer Support

Need help with a setup?  Contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Ease of Use

Our app was designed to be easy to use so you can streamline your strategy creation process and start executing trades sooner rather than later.

Elevate Your Trading With Trader Alerts